Windows 10 boost – Microsoft fans set to receive a huge new Google Chrome feature


Windows 10 is Microsoft’s computer operating system that is incredibly popular.

In fact, Windows itself is the most used desktop platform around, surpassing the likes of macOS and Linux.

A swathe of Windows 10 users opt to harness Google Chrome for their web browsing needs.

Part of the reason for this is surely the client’s speed and the fact it is regularly updated.

Chrome version 73 recently released and brought with it a dark mode.

Such a feature has been requested from fans since the introduction of system-wide dark modes for both Windows 10 and macOS.

Google Chrome’s dark theme looks much like the aesthetic already presented by Incognito mode.

However, the former does not come with the same privacy settings as the latter.

The only real difference between the two modes is the fact Incognito has a logo to the right of its URL.

Unfortunately, while Google Chrome version 73 introduced a dark mode for macOS, Windows 10 fans missed out on such a feature.

But now it appears such a viewing option will arrive for Windows 10 in the next edition of Chrome, 74.

9to5Google noted the feature is enabled when the user turns on their hardware’s dark mode at a system-wide level.

This is the same method needed to take advantage of the theme on macOS.

The dark mode will ensure Chrome’s tabs, Omnibox, bookmarks bar and more adopt the style.

Google Chrome version 74 is currently only available in beta form.

However, the stable edition of the software will arrive for all users on April 23, according to the tech giant’s Chrome Platform Status page.

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