Summer Garden Tour + Grow Your Own Mulch ⋆ Edible Backyard


I’m doing 2 garden tours this January. One on the 14th (which sold out lickety split) and another on the 28th which still has some tickets left.

I’ve gone boutique styles (heaps less people), with these tours which makes them cost a bit more, but I think its better for both you and me this way. We get to connect, you get your questions answered and I don’t feel so knackered after 🙂

There will be tea and cake, and I’ll be talking all my tried and true grow-your-own-mulch ways. It’s a beautiful thing not buying in your mulch (ie no pesticides), and you’ll be amazed at all the other bonuses that come along for the ride when you do this thing. Then we’ll go for a tour about and check out what’s working ,what’s not and what we (you and I) are thinking about life in the garden.

Details and ticket sales for Summer Garden Tour + Grow Your Own Mulch here. 


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