Pixel 3 update could turn this Google phone into a true Galaxy S10 rival


Google Pixel 4 is not expected to debut until October.

That is because all previous Pixel handsets have been unveiled by Google during that month in their respective launch years.

Google Pixel 4 is easily one of the most anticipated Android flagships of 2019 and is expected to build on the solid foundation laid by its predecessor.

Google’s Pixel line of smartphones has always been renowned for its incredible camera system and stock software.

While the flagships have always only boasted a single camera sensor on their rear, they have consistently produced some of the best shots on a smartphone.

Google’s most recent phone, the Pixel 3, has arguably the best photography offering on the market thanks to its combination of great hardware and software.

Moreover, the handset is also the first to receive new versions of Android, such as Q that will be released later this year.

Not much is known about the Pixel 3’s successor, but it is expected to come with more capable internals and an even better camera.

Concept renders for the Google Pixel 4 recently emerged via Phone Designer on Twitter that showcased both the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL with an all-screen design.

A cutout was present in the displays of both handsets for each’s respective front-facing camera system.

Pixel 4 was shown to have a single front module while the Pixel 4 XL was shown to have two, as is already the case on both Pixel 3 models.

The Pixel 4 XL was also shown with two rear-facing cameras, a move that would break away from previous Google tradition.

The smaller Pixel 4 was shown with only one rear sensor.

More recently, an alleged photo of the Pixel 4 has emerged on SlashLeaks that appears to add further credence to the idea the new Google handset will adopt such an aesthetic.

Similar to what was shown in the Phone Designer renders, the Pixel 4 was displayed with an all-screen design that featured a pill-shaped cutout similar to what is present on the Galaxy S10+.

And, just like Samsung’s newest device, no physical fingerprint sensor was displayed on the product.

This suggests, if the photo is accurate, Google could be planning to place the device’s scanner underneath its display.

The Pixel device was similarly shown with two cameras on both its front and rear.

Although the hardware seemingly boasted an all-screen design, grills for speakers above and below the panel were seemingly to be present.

While the new image appears to add further evidence to the idea the Pixel 4 could come with a futuristic new design, it is worth noting the accuracy of the photos in question cannot be verified.

That means it is possible when the Pixel 4 does debut later this year it could look substantially different.

Google has also not commented on either the renders from Phone Designer or the more recent photo from SlashLeaks.

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