OnePlus 7 owners aren’t happy with their new smartphone but a fix is coming


OnePlus 7 Pro is easily the most premium device the Shenzhen-based company has ever made; the handset boasts one of the best displays ever produced for a smartphone, a huge battery and rapid performance.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is an extremely large phone thanks to its 6.67-inch panel that fills the entire front of the hardware thanks to its minimal bezels.

One of the biggest reasons the OnePlus 7 Pro is able to achieve such an aesthetic stems from its pop-up selfie camera that emerges from the top of the hardware when the user wants to take a selfie or unlock via facial recognition.

OnePlus devices have been renowned for their incredible value and speed, but each has previously been lacking in the camera department and is notable for being one of the few areas in which it appears a compromise has been made to achieve an appealing price tag for Android fans.

That is not to say OnePlus smartphone cameras in the past haven’t been capable, instead they have just failed to maintain the same consistent standard offered by the rest of the device.

OnePlus 7 Pro attempts to remedy this by offering users a triple camera system comprised of a 48-megapixel main sensor, a 16-megapixel ultra wide-angle module and an 8-megapixel telephoto lens capable of delivering a 3-times optical zoom.

Ahead of the new flagship’s launch, OnePlus had been eager to trump up the capabilities of the 7 Pro camera – the product was used to shoot the cover image for the May 2019 edition of Harper’s Bazaar India for instance.

However, it appears some early adopters of the 7 Pro are not happy with the quality offered and have taken to OnePlus’ online forum to make their opinions known.

One said: “The pictures are too soft. The edges make it look like a cheap Chinese phone.”

Another wrote: “I’m a user of Oneplus 7 Pro. In my opinion, it’s very bad.

“When you are inside a house, and even most of the time when you are out, the live preview of the camera itself shows soft, pinkish/blueish coloured image.

“When the image is captured, it’s as bad as the live preview.”

However, it is worth noting other users within the thread were eager to defend the OnePlus 7 Pro’s image quality with many insisting the camera represented a huge improvement over previous devices the firm has released.

The debate resulted in OnePlus’ OxygenOS Product Manager, Jimmy Z, posting within the forum to confirm the OEM is working on a new camera update set to debut “in a week or so” that will improve the 7 Pro’s HDR effect and Nightscape mode.

He said: “Read every reply in this thread. Thank you all for the attention and discussions on the camera. That’s always the motivation for our team to continually work hard to meet your exceptions.

“The camera team have been working all the time on analysing and fixing issues. Every system update contains code from camera of improving the camera quality. I believe some of you received an update when you got your OnePlus 7 Pro. That’s a significant update for camera and I think you don’t want to miss it.

“Moreover, we are working on the next update which is going to be rolled out in a week or so. This update contains improvements on the HDR effect and Nightscape mode, and more tweaks based on some feedback from you and reviewers. From our test, photos look substantially better.

“Certainly more tweaks are on-going and we need more time for testing. They will be released in the following system updates.”

A precise release date for the OnePlus 7 Pro update has not been confirmed.

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