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Why not try your hand at growing apples – no matter what climate or space you have, there are cultivars to suit. Also, we explain how to produce gourmet shiitake mushrooms at home. Plus, a look at the organic wine industry, and how an organic diet may reduce the risk of cancer.

With all this and much, much more to get excited about!

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Grow: Make room for apples

Helen McKerral introduces the best cultivars and techniques for growing apples in small spaces – from balconies to backyards – and even in warm climates.

Planet: Farming in Afghanisation

Traditional, low-tech farming remains strong in Afghanistan despite the ravages of war and drought, writes Mahdi Housaini.

Grow: Super-charged celeriac

Penny Woodward explores the resurgence of flavoursome, versatile celeriac.

Grow: Find your shiitake sweet spot

Kirsten Bradley explains how to produce your own supply of delicious shiitake mushrooms.

Solutions: Ants – Friends or foes?

Denis Crawford looks at the beneficial role ants play in ecosystems, but some species can also do some damage, especially invasive ones.

Beekeeping: Get the native buzz

Paul West explains how to bring more native bees into your life and garden by encouraging their natural habitats.

Poultry: A turkey tale

Jessamy Miller, tells of the pleasures and pitfalls of raising baby turkeys.

Action: Keeping pests at bay

Our team of experts look at jobs for autumn.

Health: Avoiding the big c

Simon Webster investigates if an organic diet will help you avoid cancer.

Planet: Monsanto’s secrets unravel

As legal and regulatory threats mount against chemical giant Monsanto, environmental journalist Carey Gillam investigates how its decades of assertions that glyphosate is harmless have been undone.

Conversation: David Ritter

Simon Webster talks to Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO David Ritter about hope and resilience in the face of huge environmental challenges.

Wine: Heard it through the grapevine

Max Allen surveys the continuing rise of organic, biodynamic and natural wines, profiling three wineries.

Harvest: Crazy for carrots

Julie Ray dishes up a carrot extravaganza – roasted carrot, lentil and feta salad, and carrot and almond cake.

Life: A clean start

Jessamy Miller opens the door of her green-cleaning cupboard full of homemade products and recipes.



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