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Business owners the world over are always looking for new ways to increase revenue. It is hard to survive flying solo and so this makes perfect sense. Issues arise, however, as to increase revenue streams or generate new ones may require a lot of preparation and this eats into your profits. By securing a Process Data Quickly – PDQ machine you can increase your revenue stream in seconds. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

To understand why a PDQ card machines increase your revenue you have to understand the power of convenience. Your customers and clients want to pay you by whatever means they have to hand. Increasingly, this is by card. Unless you have a PDQ terminal you can’t take the payment reducing your chance of a sale.


PDQ Machines for Small Business

Since newer vibrant suppliers such as SumUp entered the market PDQ card machines have become affordable to small to medium enterprise. High installation costs and transaction fees have vanished. For an outlay of under £30 and a transaction cost less than 2% per transaction you can be up and running with a PDQ machine. This means you can compete with your corporate competitor and match and probably exceed their customer service.


What is a PDQ Machine?

Before we go any further let’s just explain what a PDQ machine is. A PDQ card reader or PDQ terminal, is they are sometimes known as a small payment card reader that allows you to take card payments. The newer brands allow you to take all kinds of payments from the most wildly used cards in the country. Many models come equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) capability so you can take contactless payments. In turn, this opens the door to taking payments from phones and watches from both Android and Apple products.


Mobile PDQ Machine

One of the key developments in technology is that you can purchase card payment machines that are mobile. This means you can take payment in the homes of your customers and clients or on the road.

They work by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth and an app. Providing you have online connectivity you can take payments. Some machines have wireless technology built into them. This allows you to extend the convenience of a PDQ machine to your customers and clients in their homes and businesses. They don’t have to faff around getting the cash together to pay you. They can pull out their card, pay you and a nice easy and smooth transaction takes place.

Other types of PDQ terminals feature a base unit connected online. To this base unit are several card payment machines. Staff, say waiter staff can take the machine to the customer at the end of their meal. They pay and it’s all done quick and easy. This allows you to not only take payments easier but provide good customer service.


Customer Service Game Changer

Leveraging the customer service element can help you stay ahead of your competition especially the bigger corporate entities. By providing the same payment options to your customers of your biggest competitors and then going the extra mile to support your client or customer through providing good aftercare and a human face to deal with inquiries, you will be building trust and developing your brand. This is very important in an age where actually speaking to a human being and not an automated voice is rare.

It is also not what people want. When they have an inquiry or an issue they want to speak to a human who can get to the heart of issues and resolve them.

Now, equipped with your PDQ terminal you can eclipse your bigger competitor who in all probability is going too far down the automation route.


Your Customers and Clients Want to Pay by Card

Card payments are already more frequent than cash. It is safer for people to pay you by card especially if large sums are involved. Every so often talks of a cashless society surface. This is arguably inevitable and this shift demands you have a card machine ready to go.

As well as meeting your customer and client expectations having less cash on the premises or carrying it with you when you’re out and about is safer for your business.  You have less chance of being robbed and less chance of losing revenue from unscrupulous staff.


Increasing your Revenue Streams

A PDQ card machine gives your clients and customers new payment options and it makes it easier for them to pay you. This makes your machine an invaluable business tool and one you can’t do without. If you are easy to pay then you will get paid and sell more products and services.

Get a PDQ machine for your business and start reaping the rewards.

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