How to use Firefox Nightly


If you like to test out the latest-greatest, Nightly might be the browser for you.

How to use Firefox Nightly
If you want to use the newest possible version of the Firefox web browser, the unstable nightly build might be the ticket. Jack Wallen shows you how.

Do you like to live on the edge with your technology? Do you like to see new features, even if it might slightly compromise an application’s stability? And do you like helping software builders improve their product? If that sounds like you, I would like to introduce you to the Nightly build of the Firefox web browser.

What is the Nightly build? Nightly is an unstable testing and development platform for the Firefox browser. By default, Nightly sends data to Mozilla—and sometimes their partners—to help them handle problems and try out ideas.

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I use Firefox Nightly as my default web browser on Linux. It’s perfectly stable and does a remarkable job of, well, being Firefox. You, too, can work with Firefox Nightly.


How? It’s as easy as using any web browser. Of course, the platform you use will dictate how you install Nightly. For both macOS and Windows, you simply download the required installer file for your platform, install, and start using.

If you use Linux, download the compressed file, open your File Manager, navigate to the downloaded file, right-click the file, and select Extract Here.

Once the newly created firefox folder is ready, open a terminal window, change into newly created firefox folder with the command cd ~/Downloads/firefox, and then start Nightly with the command ./firefox.

One nice thing about Nightly is that every time there’s an update to the browser, you’ll receive a notification in the Firefox menu. Click Restart to update Nightly, and the newest iteration will be applied.

I’m not saying Firefox Nightly is for everyone. This is an unstable piece of software, so it could cause problems. But if you like to test out the latest-greatest, Nightly might be the browser for you.

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