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As an employer, we expect certain things from those we hire. We expect them to perform your required duties to a reasonable degree. We might expect attendance to and from the hour limits of a shift pattern. We may expect them to take on certain important responsibilities such as managing financial matters, training other staff, and interfacing with the public. We often expect them to keep good hygiene, to be punctual, to cause no problems in the office.

But on top of all this we require from an employee – we might also ask ‘how can we help them achieve this?’ Obvious answers such as training, a well-equipped office and safety gear come to mind. But are they all we can offer? Or can we step in even further, and arrange it so that the applied skillset of the employee is all they need to bring, and we shall take care of everything else? Helping employees in their duties can be a fantastic thing to apply and deal with. Let’s see what that might look like now:


A Company Car

If you wish for your staff member to travel to locations in order to conduct business deals, to represent your product or to perform outreach, it can be worth purchasing them a company car. A used Audi or another manufacturer known for its reliability can be your best option here, and you’ll likely be surprised by the results. A company car can not only show your staff that you are investing in them, but it can also help them complete their duties throughout the day. We often think of an office worker as being chained to their desk, but that’s not always the case.

For example, it might be that you’re an independent verification authority keeping farm hygiene standards in check. Most of your qualified staff may travel the country day and night performing this job. Sending them through public transport isn’t effective, and can get expensive. This means that over time, a company car can pay for itself. You may also choose to apply decals to the body of the vehicle, such as a contact number or your company logo. This can serve as a mobile form of marketing we would recommend.


A Work Mobile

One healthy approach that many businesses have started to take is giving their employees a working mobile phone. This can not only help them separate their personal and work logins and apps, but it can also allow them to turn off their working mobile late at night, to ensure that they aren’t checking emails or contributing to an unhealthy ‘always on’ working approach.

This way you can also fill their mobile with relevant content and apps, secure the phone much more readily, and ensure that they always have a working communication device when on shift. Of course, you might ask your staff to put up a deposit for use of the phone, in case of wanton damage or losing the item, you can gain some of your investment back.


Gym Facilities

Of course, not every office will be able to work out a plan for this, nor will they be able to actually build a gym within their walls. But if you can come to an understanding with a local gym, perhaps offering mutual discounts, or perhaps if you subsidize some of their membership, you can encourage staff to become more fit and healthy.

When staff are encouraged and invested in to keep their cardiovascular conditioning up, they not only feel better, but they think more sharply, are more confident in themselves, will tire less, and can also find a healthy way to express the stress they might be feeling each and every morning. You might think this means little, but in reality, it can contribute deeply to their wellbeing. On top of that, your insurance contributions and other healthcare needs decrease, because fit and healthy people are much less likely to encounter problems. If you couple this with a scheme that rewards or incentivizes them to stay within a healthy BMI, you might have a truly well-cared for office on your hands.



Caffeine is somewhat of a golden remedy. It can help us all perk up in the morning, and can help us work stronger, and with more clarity. Coffee and a good coffee machine needn’t cost you a fortune, but the benefit it can provide your staff is otherworldly.

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