Galaxy Note 8 owners can now download Samsung’s biggest upgrade yet and here’s how


Galaxy Note 8 debuted last year and was certainly one of the best Android phones on the market at the time.

Note 8 offers Samsung fans a gorgeous 6.3-inch AMOLED display that remains one of the best around.

Moreover, the hardware also continued the product line’s tradition of arriving with a signature S Pen accessory.

The stylus allowed Android enthusiasts to quickly jot down information in an instant.

Note 8 was powered by either Samsung’s own Exynos 8895 chipset or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 depending on the region it was sold in.

This, combined with the phone’s 6GB of RAM, meant the hardware delivered snappy performance across Google’s Android operating system.

The Galaxy Note 8 launched running Android 7 Nougat but since received an upgrade to Android 8 Oreo.

And Samsung has already confirmed the hardware will be upgraded to Android 9 Pie next month.

Ahead of its full debut it was reported the hardware could receive a beta programme similar to that offered on the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9.

However, no details about such an initiative were previously confirmed by Samsung.

But now Note 8 owners are receiving prompts to register for an Android 9 Pie beta ahead of its full release, allowing fans to experience the new software early.

On Samsung devices, Android 9 Pie will run on top of the firm’s new One UI skin.

One UI was announced by Samsung last year at its developer conference in San Francisco; the software not only introduces a new aesthetic, but also fresh features such as a dark mode for fans to look forward to.

Note 8 owners can register for the One UI beta programme through Samsung’s Members application.

Once the software has been opened, users should press the “notices” button housed within the app’s side panel to see if they are able to take advantage of the early software.

The emergence of a beta programme for the Note 8 will surely give Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners hope they will receive the same treatment.

It is worth noting the Galaxy Note 8 is scheduled to receive a final build of Android 9 Pie next month.

In fact, Samsung recently updated its rollout list for a range of devices, alerting owners to when they can expect to be granted the software upgrade.

It read:

• Galaxy Note 9 (January 2019)

• Galaxy S9 (January 2019)

• Galaxy S9+ (January 2019)

• Galaxy Note 8 (February 2019)

• Galaxy S8 (March 2019)

• Galaxy S8+ (March 2019)

• Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 (April 2019)

• Galaxy A6 (April 2019)

• Galaxy A6+ (April 2019)

• Galaxy A7 2018 (April 2019)

• Galaxy A8 Star (April 2019)

• Galaxy A8+ 2018 (April 2019)

• Galaxy A9 2018 (April 2019)

• Galaxy J2 (2018) (April 2019)

• Galaxy J2 Core (April 2019)

• Galaxy J4 (April 2019)

• Galaxy J6+ (April 2019)

• Galaxy On7 (2018) (April 2019)

• Galaxy J4+ (May 2019)

• Galaxy J6 (May 2019)

• Galaxy J8 (May 2019)

• Galaxy J7 2017 (July 2019)

• Galaxy J7 Duo (July 2019)

• Galaxy J7 Neo (July 2019)

• Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 (August 2019)

• Galaxy Tab A 2017 (October 2019)

• Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (October 2019)

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