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Fortnite New World challenges have gone live today alongside the launch of chapter 2 season 1 of Battle Royale.

The brand new Fortnite season brings with it a new map for Battle Royale fans to explore as well as rewards to unlock.

As per usual, there are new Fortnite challenges for players to test their skills against.

Two of the most eye-catching ones revolve around the Fortnite New World loading screen and the Fortnite landmarks.

Fortnite discover landmarks is one of the New World and search hidden ‘F’ found in the New World loading screen.

There are ten Fortnite landmarks for Battle Royale players to discover.

So far five of these landmarks have been discovered by Stifler Gaming who has revealed them in a post online.

The YouTuber said they will reveal more Fortnite landmark locations in an upcoming video.

Here are the first few Fortnite landmark locations to get you started…

• Pristine Point – Battle Royale map square G1, just north east of Steamy Stacks

• FN Radio – Between Battle Royale map squares F1 and F2, north of Frenzy Farm

• Mowdown – Battle Royale map square F2, north of Frenzy Farm

• The Orchard – Battle Royale map square F3, near Frenzy Farm

• Risky Reels – Between Battle Royale map squares E3 and E4, west of Frenzy Farm

So far the other five landmark locations have not been revealed yet by Stifler Gaming.

Nor has the solution for the search hidden F found in the New World loading screen. will update this story once both Fortnite New World challenge solutions have been discovered.

In the meantime here is the full list of the Fortnite New World challenges…


• Discover named locations

• Eliminations at Lazy Lake or Misty Meadows

• Discover Landmarks

• Ride a Motorboat in different matches

• Deal damage with Assault Rifles to opponents

• Search chests at Sweaty Sands or Retail Row

• Eliminations in different matches

• Catch a weapon using a Fishing Rod

• Deal damage with SMGs, Shotguns, and Pistols in a single match

• Carry a Knocked player 10m

• Search hidden ‘F’ found in the New World Loading Screen

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