Facebook DOWN: Social network NOT WORKING for hundreds of users


Facebook users are facing a frustrating afternoon with the social network site and app appearing to be down and offline.

Issues seem to have begun around 4pm this afternoon with many fans of the service reporting that they are still unable to log in.

At the time of writing, independent outage monitor Down Detector has registered over 700 reports from users insisting Facebook is plagued with an outage.

A map on the site showed the UK, US and large areas of Europe are affected by the connection issues.

Twitter is also packed full of complaints with users confirming the problems on their feeds.

One user tweeted: “So it seems that @Facebook is having a meltdown at the moment.”

Whilst another added: “lol, is facebook down? “

Along with reports that Facebook is down, it also appears that Instagram is also facing a major outage with hundreds of complaints that the popular photo app is offline.

Instagram began suffering from issues at around the same time as Facebook with users unable to log in and use the service.

One Instagram fan tweeted, “So @facebook and @instagram are complete no go areas at the moment. #facebookdown #instagramdown”

There’s no word yet from Facebook about what is causing the problems or when things will be back online.

Express.co.uk has contacted Instagram for comment.


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