Facebook claims just 200 viewers livestreamed the New Zealand mosque shooting


Facebook said on Monday that the video of a mass shooting at New Zealand mosque was viewed fewer than 200 times during the live broadcast.

The social media company said that the video — where gunman Brenton Tarrant allegedly opened fire at a mosque in the city of Christchurch — was taken down shortly after it was posted on Friday afternoon.

He allegedly gunned down 50 people in the two shootings.

“We remain shocked and saddened by this tragedy and are committed to working with leaders in New Zealand, other governments, and across the technology industry to help counter hate speech and the threat of terrorism,” Facebook said.

In a statement, Facebook added that no users reported the video when it was being streamed live, but was first flagged about 12 minutes after it had ended.

Facebook users then viewed Tarrant’s original posting of the video about 4,000 times before it was taken down.

But a copy of the video was made and an 8chan user posted a link — causing it to spread beyond Facebook, the statement said.

Also, Facebook users tried to upload the video about 1.5 million times, the company said.

About 1.2 million of those attempts were blocked before it could be uploaded.

Facebook said it used audio technology to track the variations of the video and take them down.

“We continue to work around the clock to prevent this content from appearing on our site,” they said in the statement.

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