CES 2019 in Las Vegas: When is this year’s Consumer Electronics Show?


CES has served as the stage for cutting-edge consumer tech for 50 years and this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is expected to be bigger than ever. The world’s premiere tech companies will converge on Las Vegas next week for the biggest tech show of the year. And anticipation is already beginning to build about this year’s CES, so let Express.co.uk show you what to expect.

CES kicks-off on January 8 across 11 locations in Las Vegas.

Industry insiders are convinced CES 2019 is set to see iterative improvements to existing products and services, instead of major overhauls or new game-changing gadgets.

Expect to see the 4,500 exhibiting companies unveiling folding phones, gargantuan wide-screen TVs, more voice-activated virtual assistants and a continued focus on smart homes.

Although you can expect a deluge of news from this year’s tech event, rumours are already circulating about the headline attractions.

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Bigger and better TVs:

CES attendees can expect to see screen tech introduced into more mainstream products.

Companies will debut 8K ultra-high-res televisions, despite an apparent lack of compatible media availble.

MicroLED screens, packing the benefits of traditional OLED panels but with improved longevity, will prove popular.

And another key development will see screen displays becoming ever-more flexible and foldable, although many believe the technology will more realistically be commercially available at CES 2020.

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Virtual assistants:

Amazon will have a significant presence at CES 2019, boasting several booths in multiple convention halls.

Expect to see Alexa integration in ever increasing numbers of appliances.

And Amazon will also exhibit the Alexa Auto accessory, a personal assistant for car.

Google also has big plans for CES 2019, judging by the size of its booth, and is also likely to be primarily promoting their own Assistant.

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Smart homes:

Connected kitchen appliances will likely play a big part again at CES 2019.

This year should also see smaller appliances like countertop ovens and crockpots receive the connected treatment.

Again, expect increasing integration of the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa in these appliances. B

With the tech giants already going head to head in the smart speaker and smart display categories, their rivalry will be one of the main stories at CES 2019.

Smart cars:

CES 2019 will again focus on autonomous driving and cutting-edge electronic vehicle innovations.

Elaine L. Chao, US Secretary of Transportation, will be a keynote speaker at CES 2019, with a talk covering the future of drones and self-driving technology.

Expect autonomous technology to transfer from self-driving cars to more commercial vehicles including trucks and tractors.

Car companies will unveil their visions of in-car entertainment for those no longer needing to stay alert behind the wheel.

Audi will introduce a system that features a cinema experience, allowing passengers to watch programmes while on the road.

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