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This is it, folks – the big Autumn release window is here and in style. We’ve got a little something for everyone, from sweaty brawlers to skeletal heroes, RPGs to racing games, and of course, the Call of Duty elephant in the room. Let’s dig in. 

WWE 2K20 (October 22)…

WWE 2K20 is the first title in the franchise to be developed without series mainstays Yukes at the helm, and that offers equal excitement and trepidation. On the one hand, we’re hoping for some refreshments to animations and the like that have been used for years, while on the other we know Rome wasn’t built in a day – and new devs Visual Concepts will need time to instil their vision. 186 unique superstars to control certainly helps increase our excitement for the title when it launches on Xbox One and PS4. Jump off the top rope and aim for TheGameCollection – they have the best price at £42.95.

WRC 8 (October 24)…

If you like your cars covered in mud and barely touching the ground, then it’s your lucky day as WRC comes to the Nintendo Switch. It contains a full career mode, 100 tracks, and dynamic weather – so you’ll need to adjust your driving style on-the-fly to ensure you don’t end up flipping your car. The cars themselves can be tuned, too, so petrolheads can look forward to tweaking their virtual vehicle long into the winter months. Powerslide through the mud over to TheGameCollection where you can find WRC 8 on Switch for just £35.95.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (October 25)…

Whisper it, but October 25 might just be the biggest day of the gaming calendar this year. Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the much-anticipated reboot of the franchise many have been calling out for for years. Promising a darker, grittier campaign full of the horrors of war (sounds cheerful), a fresh take on multiplayer with the new 2 vs 2 Gunfight mode, alongside the return of Spec Ops mode, this is going to be one big game. Thankfully, we can shrink the price tag for you – check out our guide on how to get Modern Warfare for just £34.99 from GAME on PS4 and Xbox One. Other than that, the cheapest price is at ShopTo, where you can grab it for £44.85.

The Outer Worlds (October 25)…

Remember how disappointing Fallout 76 was? Thankfully, so do Obsidian (developers of Fallout: New Vegas), and their new single-player RPG is a perfect foil to the online-focused nature of Bethesda’s latest output. The Outer Worlds tells the story of a frontier dominated by corporations, and players can opt to talk their way through the game’s story – or go in guns blazing to free the oppressed workforce. Of course, you can just kill everyone for fun, you monster. One thing is for sure – with TheGameCollection offering it on Xbox and PS4 for just £39.95, you won’t need to Fallout with your wallet (sorry).

MediEvil (October 25)…

Rounding out a busy Friday for gaming is this PS4-exclusive remake of the PlayStation 1 original. Sir Daniel Fortescue, our bony hero, was struck down in battle against the evil sorcerer Zarok and remembered as a hero – except, as it turns out, he was a bit useless – and was actually killed by the first arrow. Thankfully, he has another chance to be the hero now that he’s been resurrected. Get the game in your bony clutches from ShopTo for just £19.85.

What will you be playing next weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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