BT email: How long will BT email be down? When is it due to be working again?


BT customers are continuing to experience issues with their emails today (Thursday, September 5). BT users are reportedly unable to access their emails and the company has confirmed it is linked to today’s Yahoo issue. The email outage reported started at 6.30am BST, with hundreds of customers complaining on about being unable to access their messages.

BT tweeted at 10am BST: “Yahoo is currently experiencing a global outage, which means that many of our customers are unable to access their BT Yahoo email accounts.

“Yahoo is working to fix the issue as quickly as possible, we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.

The telecoms giant added it is offering those affected by the email outage to make BT Mobile calls from the UK into The Bahamas free, so you can check on your loved ones without incurring additional charges.

BT customer Inez commented: “The problem stretches to Cumbria and South Scotland … not been able to logon since last night.”

And Stephen Harding added: “No emails (send or receive) all morning. My wife, who is using the same router and a BT internet account, can. She is sitting six feet away from me. Very annoying.

Ezat Dayeh, Systems Engineering Manager, data management and backup specialists Cohesity, told the Yahoo email issue can have serious repercussions.

He said: “Customers affected by this latest outage of an email service will be pulling their hair out but so too will business leaders within the provider.

“Downtime like this can cost business millions every year in hidden ways and must be fought against using all available resources.

“It’s not clear whether this is a hardware or software incident right now, but a service like this which disappears for even a few minutes, let alone hours or days can cause a business tremendous losses.

The impact on brand and reputation damage for a provider that suffers an outage can’t be ignored.

“No business enjoys 100 percent uptime, but customers need to have confidence in their email connectivity given the increasing nature of global digital communication.

“Customers will inevitably elect providers that are seen to be proactive in their approach to preventing downtime.

“With more and more companies moving this way, those who resist change will find themselves left behind.”

Yahoo Mail users worldwide have also been left unable to access their email accounts.

Most of Europe appears to have been affected by the outage and of the US and south Asia also struggling to connect.

Tech website DownDetector said 61 per cent of people reported problems with the Yahoo website, while 38 percent had struggled to log-in.

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