Apple Watch update: Apple could reveal a major upgrade for its wearable tomorrow


Apple Watch has exploded in popularity since it originally debuted back in 2015.

In fact, back in 2017 the American tech giant claimed the Apple Watch had overtaken Rolex to become the most popular watch in the world.

Last year the American tech giant launched the Apple Watch Series 4 – a device that substantially overhauled the established wearable.

Apple Watch Series 4 radically reduced its screen bezels to deliver a much more futuristic aesthetic for fans.

Moreover, the hardware also boasted a number of improved health and fitness features, such as the ability to perform electrocardiogram (ECG).

It is expected the Series 4 will be succeeded by the presumably titled Series 5 when Apple takes to the stage tomorrow.

A recent report from Bloomberg has suggested the Apple Watch Series 5 will be more of an incremental update to the product lineup than a dramatic overhaul.

The outlet suggested the device could look very similar to its predecessor.

One of the biggest alterations mentioned concerned the case materials for the Series 5 – it was stated the hardware would be made available in ceramic and titanium.

Ceramic is a material that has previously been used for some models of the Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3.

Such a case was not made available for the Apple Watch Series 4.

Bloomberg declared Apple will focus on watchOS 6 during the unveiling of the new product.

WatchOS 6 was unveiled during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference back in June – the new operating system boasts more health features, provides the wearable with its own App Store and introduces new watch faces.

It is presumed the Apple Watch Series 5 will be priced similarly to its predecessor, with costs increasing for more premium cases.

In addition to focusing on its wearable lineup, Apple is also expected to reveal new iPhones during its September event.

Direct successors to the current iPhone XR, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max have all been tipped to debut. is attending Apple’s showcase and will bring you the latest announcements as they happen.

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