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Apex Legends download links are now live and can be found on Origin, PS4 and Xbox One digital stores.

The game is free to download on all platforms, although a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription may also be required on consoles.

The new game is a Battle Royale experience set in the Titanfall universe offering fans the chance to try out different abilities to secure victory.

The Apex Legends Download links can be found for each platform below:




It’s unclear if the Apex Legends servers will be able to handle the huge influx of players hoping to download the game tonight.

Here’s more on how the new Battle Royale experience works in the Titanfall universe:

“Body armour, weapon attachments, and other helpful pieces of gear are all hidden across the arena for you to grab. The inventory system will automatically tell you if a weapon or piece of gear is better than what you already have and keep you from grabbing lower-tier loot. That way, you won’t risk snatching something you can’t use in a panic.

“You and your teammates can help each other by calling out item locations as you spot them. The tagging system also notes an item’s rarity level, so you can snag a higher-level piece of gear that you might’ve missed otherwise. Also, make sure to loot fallen enemies – they’ll drop a cache when you take them out, and often have some of the best loot. Always keep an eye out, because you never know when a single piece of armour is going to save you in the end.”

“Squad play is critical to success in Apex Legends, where you jump into the arena with two teammates at your side. Working together, you can keep each other safe and outplay your opponents by combining your abilities. A well-placed Dimensional Rift by Wraith, for example, can put her team right on top of unsuspecting opponents, while Caustic can protect teammates by using Nox gas to drive away enemies.

“Want to be the shield between your team and opponents? Jump into the arena as the hearty Gibraltar. How about helping your squad travel long distances to take your enemies by surprise? Pathfinder, with his trusty grappling hook, is your perfect pick. Figure out what role you like to play and try different Legends to see which fits you best.”

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