Top 10 ways to make money in 2019


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As the boom of new year fireworks fades into the rumble of January traffic, lots of us are looking for ways to fill that post-Christmas hole in the bank account.  So here’s a quick list of simple ways to make money in 2019. From shopping to tutoring, from getting exercise to online surveys, you’ll find all sorts of inspiration to help you start the new year with some extra cash.


1. Get paid to shop, eat and drink

Mystery shoppers are paid to give feedback on customer service and shop presentation.  If being paid to shop wasn’t enough, you also often get freebies into the bargain.

Click here to download your special guide to mystery shopping.  

If you’re 18 or 19, you can also get paid to buy alcohol.  Serve Legal pay to check whether shops are verifying their customers’ age.  So you can earn cash while going down the pub.

Visit to find out more.

And if shopping and drinking aren’t up your street, you can even earn money as a food taster.  Sometimes that includes tasting chocolate. Dream.

See here how to make money as a food tester.


2. Take a lodger

Most people know about the money to be made on airbnb.  But did you know that you can also rent out individual rooms?  EasyRoommate, Gumtree, and Spareroom all make it easy to make money from spare rooms.  

For more information read our article on renting a room for tax free cash.

Or, if you’re feeling more ambitious, you could host a foreign student and teach them English!  Learn something about another culture, liven up your house, and make money all in one swoop.

For more information, see the InTuition website and read our full article on making money by hosting foreign students.


3. Tutor

In a similar vein, there is good money to be made in tutoring.  Some tutors earn as much as £80 an hour. And you don’t have to be as qualified as you might think.  A degree helps, but this is also a popular way of making money among undergraduates.

For more information, have a look at our article on earning money as a tutor.


4. Sell your photos

A surprising number of companies are willing to pay for the photos on your phone.  They don’t have to be anything fancy, just ordinary pictures. Agencies such as 123RF will have a look, and if they’re interested they’ll buy them from you and pay you a royalty any time they are used. Result!

Read our full article making money by selling your photos.


5. Be a steward at a festival

All festivals need staff.  So if you’ve got a summer off, why not sample the delights of Reading, Latitude, or the Isle of Wight and get paid for it?  The rates are not brilliant – usually minimum wage – but if festivals are your thing and you have the time, it’s a neat way of spending a few summer days.  

If you’d rather have a bit more time off during a festival, you could always volunteer for a charity.  Organisations like Oxfam provide free tickets for volunteers who are willing to do a few shifts on their stall.  

If you like the idea of free festival tickets then read our full article.


6. Star in a blockbuster

Being a film extra has got to be one of the coolest ways of making money.  You don’t really need any acting ability, and film studios need people of all ages, shapes and sizes.  The pay isn’t bad either, you could earn £85 a day.

Take a look at our article on how to become a TV or film extra for more information.


7. Ironing

Alright, it’s not quite as glamorous as being in a film.  But everyone needs their ironing doing, and if you’re one of those people that enjoys the therapeutic hiss of iron on cloth then you could make a bit of money out of it.  If you’d just like a bit of money on the side, put an ad in the local paper or newsagents. Or if you want something a bit more substantial, have a look at Mark and Sue’s Ironing Service.  They offer a £175 starter pack. Once you’re established you could earn £400 per week working part-time.


8. Exercise

If you have vowed to get outside more this year, you can make your resolution a money spinner!  For dog lovers, an easy way to make money from exercise is by registering as a dog walker. You could earn up to £15 per dog, per hour, so it’s quite lucrative for something so gentle and enjoyable.  

For more information read our article on how to make money from dog walking.

A slightly more training-intensive way of making cash while getting exercise is becoming a rickshaw driver.  The bike-propelled buggies are becoming more and more popular in cities across the UK. You can train through the Bugbugs Community for just £50.  


9. Online surveys and apps

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to make money in 2019 is through online surveys.  They vary in length from 10-45 minutes, and offer a range of prizes, from holidays to cash.  Some of them don’t even require you to answer any questions. Nielsen Online Panel simply needs to be downloaded and then automatically enters you for prize draws in which you can win up to £30,000.  Similarly Pick My Postcode just requires you to enter your postcode and email.  They give away at least £700 every day.

For more information take a look at our article on online surveys.


10. Join Magpie Money

Magpie Money is a reward scheme which pays you for reading our articles, leaving comments, doing surveys and entering competitions. Collecting 750 ‘magpies’ earns you a £5 Amazon voucher.

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