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New PS5 rumours suggest that the console could launch with a feature that was absent from the PS4.

According to Hellpoint developer Marc-André Jutras, Sony and Microsoft are likely to bring Backwards Compatibility to the PS5 and next-gen Xbox.

In an interview with GamingboltJutras said that gamers will be more likely to buy a console if they can play their old games on it.

The PlayStation I think will do it,” he said.

“I know, was it the Xbox 360 where they had a backward compatibility list with the original Xbox? They had to approve the game title by title? I think that was weird, and I hope it won’t be like that.

“I prefer to have an emulator that will run all the games a console has, maybe with small bugs and glitches, instead of saying I have 50 games in my library and I can only play four of them because the others aren’t approved yet.”

Jutras also hopes that Sony and Microsoft invest in exclusive releases for the next-generation of consoles

“What I want from the PS5 is, Sony made some awesome exclusives, I mean I bought PS4 because Bloodborne was on console, and they got a whole sale for that one exclusive,” he continues.

“And I think Microsoft has faltered in that area, though you look at how many developers Microsoft has bought in the last year, I think they finally figured out you need exclusives if you want to sell the console, and they need to be good… anyway, so I have hopes that the next generation of consoles will have great exclusives, and that Sony and Microsoft figure out that if you release a console that can play all the old games, you have a user base that is likelier to jump on board because they can play their huge catalog of games.

“If I have 100 games on Xbox 360 and 100 games on Xbox One, and a new Xbox comes out that plays all my Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, I am much likelier to buy the new Xbox than I am to buy any other console.”

According to recent reports, Sony will host a small PS5 reveal in mid-2019, before showcasing the console in full at the returning PlayStation Experience (PSX) event.

Furthermore, it’s said that most studios are in possession of a PS5 dev kit, which is described as a monster. 

While the post acknowledges that things may change, this would certainly explain why Sony dropped out of next year’s E3 and didn’t host a PlayStation Experience event.

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