Google Maps just got even better with these two major upgrades


Google Maps is the American tech firm’s navigation solution that is incredibly popular.

The software is widely considered to be used more than its biggest rival, Apple Maps.

Google consistently updates Maps, bringing new features and improvements for fans.

The latest of which appears to be the introduction of speed limit signs and speed trap icons.

Android Police, citing three tips it received from users, insisted Google Maps has starting rolling out a speed limit icon in New York City, Los Angeles and Minnesota.

Moreover, the outlet posted screenshots of the tool being used.

Google Maps was shown running on Android devices with a miles-per-hour sign displayed at the bottom alerting the user to how fast they should be driving.

The outlet noted the feature was already live for those in San Francisco’s Bay Area and Rio De Janeiro in Brazil.

However, the appearance of the functionality in other areas suggests Google is granting the tool to more users overall.

Secondly, Android Police also declared a tipster had informed the outlet they were seeing speed trap icons on their version of the software.

Images of the feature in action were showcased; orange speed camera icons were shown in areas traps had been reported.

Moreover, it was also declared in addition to issuing a visual prompt for a camera, Google Maps also provided an audio cue when a driver is approaching one.

The outlet was keen to insist that neither new feature was working on their version of the software. can also confirm we were unable to access either, too.

Because not every Google Maps user is able to harness the new tools, it suggests Google could be gradually rolling them out to fans.

The firm has not discussed the release of either feature to all users.

Moreover, a precise arrival date for the duo has not been confirmed, either.

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